The Exam Algorithm

  1. When called, enter the critical section in room K6
  2. Timer := 0
  3. Randomly pick one of the questions listed below
  4. Deliver a good presentation on that question
  5. Answer the questions the second examiner and I may ask you during your presentation
  6. At some time satisfying Timer < 20, exit the critical section
  7. Re-enter the room and get your mark for the oral exam accounting for 40% of your overall mark for the course.
You are allowed to bring your notes to the exam, and to look at them whenever you feel that you need to do so.

You should deliver your presentation using the whiteboard. I strongly advice you to write down the key definitions, results and examples on which your presentation will be based.

Examples are good, but do follow the KISS method. Leave examples with 1020 states and beyond (or something of that sort) to less stressful times!

Syllabus for the Course Celebratory Exam

See the main reading material related to the questions in the course overview.

List of Exam Questions

1. Strong and weak bisimulation equivalence.

2. Hennessy-Milner logic and bisimilarity.

3. Hennessy-Milner logic and recursively defined formulae.

4. Timed automata: Definition, semantics, region graph construction and decidability of reachability.

Schedule for the Exam

Let me know if you do not plan to show up.

...And After the Exam....

Attend Rance Cleaveland's ICE-TCS seminar at 11:00 in K5!