Visit Reykjavik ICALP 2008
35th International Colloquium on
Automata, Languages and Programming

July 6 - 13, 2008
Reykjavik - Iceland


What's on in Reykjavik

Upon registration for ICALP and/or satellite events, you will receive the guide What's on in Reykjavik. This monthly brochure will give you a good idea of what is happening in town during your stay.

Despite not being a large city, Reykjavik is a capital, and it has quite a lot to offer if you are interested in cultural activities and museums. For information about things to do in and around Reykjavik, with information about day tours and excursions, look here. During the conference, you can book excursions at the registration desk at very competitive prices.

Information about arts and culture in town is available from this site. If you like paintings, we recommend that you have a look at Reykjavik Art Museum - Kjarvalsstadir. The museum is dedicated to Johannes S. Kjarval, Iceland's most beloved painter. The admission ticket is valid on the same day for all three Reykjavik Art Museums: Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum, Harbour House and Kjarvalsstadir. The Harbour House hosts the Erró collection.

If you interested in the history of Iceland and its colonization, we suggest a visit to the newly renovated National Museum. The Settlement exhibition is a small, but nice exhibition devoted to a Viking age longhouse, dated to around 930 AD. which has a pretty good list of eateries that you fancy trying. In fact, Reykjavik also plenty of restaurants, many of them high class, offering cuisines from almost every corner of the world. If you want to start planning your dinners in Reykjavik, start by looking here.

Wining and dining in Reykjavik

The guide What's on in Reykjavik has a pretty good list of eateries that you may fancy trying. In fact, Reykjavik is host to pretty vibrant food scene and has plenty of restaurants, many of them high class, offering cuisines from almost every corner of the world. If you want to start planning your dinners in Reykjavik, start by looking here.

The quality of the food in good restaurants is generally high. However, so are the prices. Here are a few suggestions that try to balance the quality of the food with an affordable price. (Another suggestion is that you join us for the conference dinner! It is well worth the price; take advantage of the favourable exchange rate!) Finally, do ask the locals for suggestions. We are here to help you.

Top Class Restaurants

All the restaurants that participate in the yearly event Food and Fun are top class. Eating there will be a culinary experience, but be prepared to pay accordingly.

Fast Food

It is not hard to find "real" burgers in Reykjavik. If you like meat and you want some quick and affordable food, then you can check out outings like American Style. One of our colleagues recommends Hamborgarabulla Tomasar. The Vitabar is not the best looking of places, but it has built a reputation in the city centre for its (bacon) burgers.

If you like fish and chips, or you fancy grilling your own fish skewers, you might want to try Sea Baron (Saegreifinn). (The Sea Baron claims to have the best and cheapest lobster soup in town!)

See here for a fairly complete listing of options.

Cafés and Bistros

Reykjavik has a lively café scene. When Luca first came to Reykjavik in 1994, there were hardly any cafés (and coffee was, well, awful). Now, you can find them everywhere in the city centre, and the quality of the coffee is very high. At some cafés you can also get some decent food for a fair price. Basically all of the cafés have wireless internet connection, so you can take your laptop there and work while sipping an expensive coffee.

Apart from the coffee places recommended by Pall Melsted, you might try Café Cultura, which offers a diverse and constantly changing menu of affordable food.

Pall Melsted's Recommendations

Here are some suggestions from Pall Melsted, your coffee places guide.

Oriental Restaurants

These restaurants usually offer good value for money in Reykjavik. Many people like the noodle soups at Asia. Others like to eat at Ban Thai, which is very close to Hlemmur.

Krua Thai is a casual restaurant close to the harbour that serves good Thai food at reasonable prices.

Indian Mango is a cosy place serving good Indian-inspired food. The down side is that the service tends to be really slow, but it is a good place if you are not in a hurry. It is more expensive than the previously mentioned alternatives.


As you might expect, there is a good choice here, but be warned: the prices are likely to be high. Thrir Frakkar has good food and a cosy atmosphere.

The Fish Market is rapidly becoming one of the local favourites.

If you want to splurge on a meal in Reykjavik, then the place to do it might very well be the award winning Seafood Cellar. (You must try the exotic menu.)

Vegetarian Restaurants

We recommend Á naestu gr&omul;sum. The restaurant offers a set menu each evening. The food is well preparared, and the price is fair. It is located along Laugavegur at number 20 b. See here.

A survey of other options is here.