Modelling & Verification 2006

Welcome to the home-page for the course 'Modelling & Verification 2006' for advanced Bachelor and Master students at the Department of Computer Science, Reykjavík University.

The aim of this course is to introduce advanced mathematical models for the formal description and analysis of programs, with emphasis on parallel, reactive systems. The course consists of about 15 lectures. It deals with semantic models for parallel systems, and logics for the description of their properties. As part and parcel of the course material, we also introduce automatic verification tools, and hint at some of the implementation techniques underlying them.

The teaching consists of lectures interspersed with exercise classes. The lectures take place in room 303. For the details on each lecture, please consult the course overview.

These pages are currently maintained by Luca Aceto. They will be actively modified over the spring term 2006, and are currently undergoing heavy restructuring. You are invited to check them regularly during the spring term. The pages are dormant in the autumn term. Let me know of any error you find in the course web pages.