Reading Group on "New Developments in Operational Semantics"
Rannis Project nr. 080039021 (2008-2010)
Status: Ongoing


Luca Aceto, Unnar T. Bachmann, Arnar Birgisson, Hilmar Finnsson, Vigdis Gudjonsdottir, Anna Ingolfsdottir and Einar Jonsson. Anybody who would like to contribute is welcome to join our meetings.

Meetings and Their Topic

Here we will have a list of meetings, speakers responsible to lead the discussion, and relevant literature. All the meetings will be held in room K6 on Tuesdays from 14:45 till about 16:00.

Reading List

Note: The following list is always work in progress!

SOS Meta-Theory

We will mainly read some of the papers in this bibliography maintained by MohammadReza Mousavi.

Compositionality and Logic