New Developments in Operational Semantics
Rannis Project nr. 080039021 (2008-2010)


The following people have contributed to the work carried out within the project so far.

At Reykjavik University

  • Luca Aceto (Reykjavik University), principal investigator;
  • Anna Ingolfsdottir (Reykjavik University), principal investigator;
  • Joshua Sack (Reykjavik University), postdoctoral researcher (from January 2009);
  • Matteo Cimini (Reykjavik University), PhD student (from January 2009);
  • Arnar Birgisson (Reykjavik University), MSc student;
  • Vigdis Gudjonsdottir (Reykjavik University), MSc student.

External Collaborators

  • MohammadReza Mousavi (Eindhoven University of Technology, formerly at Reykjavik University), co-proposer;
  • Wan Fokkink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL).