Call for Papers

Fifth Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory

SWAT '96

July 3-5, 1996

Reykjavik, Iceland

SWAT is intended as a forum for researchers in the area of design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. We invite submissions of papers presenting original research on algorithms and data structures in all areas, including computational geometry, parallel and distributed computing, graph theory, and combinatorics. Contributors should send five hard copies of a full paper (not exceeding 12 pages) to
Rolf Karlsson
Department of Computer Science
Lund University
Box 118 (Ole Romers v 3)
S-221 00 Lund, SWEDEN

Email:, fax: +46-46-131021.

Submissions must arrive by February 20, 1996. The submissions should give the author's email address and fax number if available.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by April 1, 1996. Proceedings will be published, presumably in the Springer-Verlag series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The final versions of accepted papers must arrive in camera-ready form before April 25, 1996.

Invited speakers

Noga Alon,
Arne Andersson,
Mike Paterson.

Local Organization

Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson (chair),
Magnus M. Halldorsson.

Program Committee

Susan Albers (Max-Planck-Institut, Saarbruecken),
Bengt Aspvall (University of Bergen),
Ricardo Baeza-Yates (University of Chile),
Svante Carlsson (Luleaa University),
Magnus M. Halldorsson (University of Iceland),
Rolf Karlsson (co-chair, Lund University),
Andrzej Lingas (co-chair, Lund University),
Joe Mitchell (SUNY at Stony Brook),
Takao Nishizeki (Tohoku University),
Pekka Orponen (University of Helsinki),
Jorg-Rudiger Sack (Carleton University),
Erik M. Schmidt (Aarhus University),
Eli Upfal (Weizmann Institute/ IBM Almaden),
Moti Yung (IBM Yorktown Heights).

SWAT Steering Committee

Bengt Aspvall (Bergen),
Svante Carlsson (Lulea),
Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson (Reykjavik),
Rolf Karlsson,
Andrzej Lingas (Lund),
Erik M. Schmidt (Aarhus) and
Esko Ukkonen (Helsinki).