In this course, you will learn how the fundamental operations of a computer. You will learn how and why the CPU -- the machine's brain -- works, how it interprets data, and how it manipulates types. You will learn basic proficiency with the UNIX operating system and how to write simple C programs.
  • How to work on Linux in bash 
  • What are programs and how they run 
  • How to write basic programs in C 
  • Data representation 
  • Bit operations 
  • Integer and floating point representations 
  • Intel x86 assembly code using AT & T syntax    
On completing the course, students should be able to:
  • Use the Linux command line, including pipelining 
  • Write, compile and debug simple C programs on Linux 
  • Explain how commands, data, integers and floating point numbers are stored in memory 
  • Explain the basic operations of the Intel x86 CPU 
  • Disassemble, trace and perform rudimentary debugging of programs written in Intel x86 assembly.  

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