This course will introduce the basics of web applications and design patterns. The focus will be on the protocols and standards that are used in all server-side web frameworks, and OOP concepts used when implementing design patterns. Students will also learn how to improve security in websites, how to handle errors gracefully, how to write and consume web services, as well as learn about the standards and best practices in their implementation. Furthermore, students will learn how to connect to a database and other types of data storage in application code. Finally, the future of web applications and web standards will be discussed.
  • be able to create a small to medium sized web application using one of the major server side web frameworks
  • understand web protocols and web standards
  • be familiar with the basics of client-side programming in web applications
  • understand how to build web services, and how to consume them
  • understand the basics of design patterns and know when to apply them
  • apply OOP principles, like inheritance and interfaces, in the context of web applications
  • know how to connect to various types of data storage in application code
  • be familiar with best practices in graceful error handling

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