Student Supervision

Graduate students - Theses/Prjocets

  1. Hulda Óladóttir (co-supervision), M.Sc., 2016, University of Iceland.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Upplýsingaútdráttur - Nýting upplýsingaramma til málmyndunar [Information Extraction].

  2. Karin Christiansen, M.Sc., June 2014, Reykjavik University.
    Project (30 ECTS): Summarization of Icelandic texts.

  3. Guðmundur Örn Leifsson, M.Sc., September 2013, University of Iceland.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Intelligent Writing Support for Second Language Lerners of Icelandic using Web Services.

  4. Martha Dís Brandt, M.Sc., January 2011, Reykjavík University.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Developing an Icelandic to English Shallow Transfer Machine Translation System.

  5. Ida Kramarczyk, M.Sc., June 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Improving the tagging accuracy of Icelandic text.

  6. Verena Henrich and Timo Reuter (co-supervision), M.Sc., March 2009, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
    Thesis: LISGrammarChecker: Language Independent Statistical Grammar Checker.

Graduate students - Independent study

  1. Christopher Dörge and David Müller (exchange students), Fall 2013, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
    Project: Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection.

  2. Hlynur Sigurþórsson, Fall 2010, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Daemonizing and enhancing IceNLP for the purpose of machine translation.

  3. Andreas Völlger (exchange student), Fall 2010, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
    Project: Tagging and parsing German using Spejd.

  4. Timo Reuter and Verena Henrich (exchange students), Fall 2008, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
    Project: CombiTagger: A system for developing combined taggers.

Undergraduate students - Research theses

  1. Sigurjón Þorsteinsson and Svanhvít Lilja Ingólfsdóttir, B.Sc., January 2019, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: Named Entity Recogniser - An Icelandic prototype.

  2. Svavar K. Lúthersson, B.Sc., June 2010, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: Tagging and parsing a large corpus.

  3. Aðalsteinn Tryggvason, B.Sc., June 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: Named Entity Recognition for Icelandic.

  4. Hlynur Sigurþórsson and Pétur Sigurðsson, B.Sc., June 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: Using IceNLP in Computer-Assisted Language Learning.

  5. Kristjana Guðjónsdóttir, B.Sc., January 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: A Prototype of an Icelandic Grammar Checker.

  6. Frank A. B. Cassata, B.Sc., June 2007, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis: Automatic thesaurus extraction for Icelandic.

Undergraduate students - Independent Study / Research Opportunity

  1. Ólafur P. Geirsson, Guðmundur Harðarson, Guðmundur Þ. Guðmundsson, Spring 2014, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Orðspor: Labeling named entities with computer games.

  2. Emmanuel Günther (exchange student), Fall 2012, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
    Project: An Intelligent BOT.

  3. Ólafur Waage, Fall 2011, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Continued development of Apertium-IceNLP: A rule-based Icelandic to English machine translation system.

  4. Jökull H. Yngvason, Fall 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Automatic extraction of verb subcategorization frames for Icelandic (only in Icelandic).

Undergraduate students - The Icelandic Sudent Innovation Fund

  1. Ólafur Páll Geirsson, Summer 2013, Reykjavik University.
    Project: An Open-Source Language-Independent Question-Answering System.

  2. Ragnar L. Sigurðsson, Summer 2010, Reykjavik University.
    Project: An improved shallow parser for Icelandic.

  3. Jökull H. Yngvason, Summer 2009, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Developing a PoS-tagged corpus using existing tools.

  4. Anna M. Sigurðardóttir, Summer 2006, Reykjavik University.
    Project: Utilisation of a large lexicon for tagging Icelandic text.


  1. Anna Vigdís Rúnarsdóttir, M.Sc., June 2018, Reykjavik University.
    Project (30 ECTS): Re-Scoring Word Lattices from Automatic Speech Recognition System Based on Manual Error Corrections. Examiner.

  2. Tihomir Rangelov, M.A., September 2013, University of Iceland.
    Project (30 ECTS): Shallow-Transfer Rule-Based Machine Translation between Icelandic and Swedish. External reviewer.

  3. Francis Morton Tyers, Ph.D., June 2013, Universitat d'Alacant.
    Thesis: Feasible lexical selection for rule-based machine translation. External reviewer.

  4. Yvonne Adesam, Ph.D., October 2012, Stockholm University.
    Thesis: Multilingual Trees - Investigating High-quality Cross-lingual Parallel Corpus Processing. Committee member.

  5. Jón Friðrik Daðason, M.Sc., June 2012, University of Iceland.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Post-correction of Icelandic OCR text. Examiner.

  6. Valdís Sigurþórsdóttir, M.Sc., June 2011, Reykjavik University.
    Thesis (60 ECTS): Towards Automatic Generation of Realistic Web Query Sequences. Examiner.