Störf og starfsnám

Háskólinn í Reykjavík starfar í nánum tengslum við atvinnulífið. Hér eru birtar auglýsingar frá fyrirtækjum sem óska eftir nemendum HR til starfa í tímabundin verkefni, hlutastörf auk sumar- og framtíðarstarfa.

Fyrirtækjum er velkomið að óska eftir nemendum HR til starfa í tímabundin verkefni, hlutastörf auk sumar- og framtíðarstarfa á starfavef Háskólans í Reykjavík. Vinsamlegast kynnið ykkur hvaða upplýsingar þurfa að fylgja með starfsauglýsingu fyrirtækja hér.

HR í samstarfi við alþjóðlegu starfs-, starfsnáms og starfsþjálfunargáttina HigherEd, sem er viðbót við þau úrræði sem þegar standa nemendum HR til boða. Í HigherEd má finna starfsnám, starfsþjálfun, lærlingsstöður og námsstöður út um allan heim.

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Alþjóðavinnumálastofnunin (ILO) kynnir starfsnám

We are pleased to inform you that the second round of the ILO Internship programme is now ready to be launched. We have interesting new internship opportunities to be filled in a variety of fields.

The objective of the Internship Programme is to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to gain practical experience at the ILO. As part of our teams, working directly with outstanding and inspiring career professionals and senior management, ILO interns contribute to analytical work on the principles, programmes and strategies of the Organization. They also participate in important meetings and are exposed to high-profile conferences.

We would highly appreciate it if Permanent Missions could communicate the following information to Universities in their home countries whose students might be interested in this international and rewarding learning opportunity. Candidates are invited to consult the ILO’s online recruitment platform at:

where 30 different internship profiles have been posted. Applications may be submitted electronically from the platform between 15 November and 29 November 2022 (23:59 CET). For your information, the next call for internship applications will take place around June 2023.

Kindly note the following eligibility requirements for internship applicants:

· Applicants should currently be following a course of study (last year of a master’s degree or equivalent or above) or have completed such studies no earlier than one year prior to this application.

· Applicants should have a working knowledge (both oral and written) of at least one of the ILO official languages (English, French or Spanish).

  • Applicants should be adaptable to an international, multicultural and multilingual environment, have good communication skills and be able to work in a team.

NB: There is no age restriction.

Once a candidate has applied, their profile will be made available to the ILO departments/field offices that may be concerned. Following a first screening by the Human Resources Development Department (HRD), departments will short-list applicants. The candidate will be contacted directly should an internship match his/her specific profile.

Kindly note that candidates that have not been contacted by the ILO within six months of submitting their application may consider that they have not been selected.

Should Permanent Missions require more information, please contact the Internship Team at the following email address: