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Iceland: transition to clean energy, limitations of the electric transmission system

Meistaravörn í rafmagnsverkfræði við tækni- og verkfræðideild

  • 30.5.2017, 15:30 - 17:30

Gnýr Guðmundsson ver meistararitgerð sína „Iceland: transition to clean energy, limitations of the electric transmission system“ í stofu M209, kl. 15:30 þann 30. maí 2017.

Nemandi: Gnýr Guðmundsson

Leiðbeinendur: Magni Þór Pálsson,  Landsnet og Ragnar Kristjánsson, Háskólinn í Reykjavík.

Prófdómari:  Kristján Halldórsson,  Landsvirkjun.

The project aim was to study what effect transitioning transport and industry to clean energy will have on the future electric transmission system. The level of energy transition is estimated and scenarios with four different combinations of load and generation are defined.  All four scenarios are tested against the planned strengthening's on the main electric transmission system, option A.1, as described in Landsnet's Network Development Plan.  Five different operating conditions of the system are simulated in a power system simulator, with the option fully and partially installed, with and without the highland connection in place. The results of the analysis show that it could become problematic to operate the system under certain future conditions without the highland connection. However, it depends on the level of energy transition and how power demand will develop over the period. It also matters where the installed generating options are located. Severe weaknesses in the system were discovered, one of them is the feeding into the East area. With increasing amount of fishmeal plants running on electricity in eastern part of Iceland, the reliability of the energy delivered in the East fjords can be expected to decrease if no actions are taken.

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