Counterfactual causal reasoning for concurrency - one possible approach: Georgiana Caltais

ICE-TCS seminar

  • 23.10.2018, 12:10 - 13:00


ICE-TCS seminar #318

Date and time: Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 12:10-13:00
Location: Room V104
Speaker: Georgiana Caltais (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Title: Counterfactual causal reasoning for concurrency - one possible approach

Abstract: The importance and complexity of software driven systems is steadily increasing. Hence, software failures may entail major environmental harm and/or serious injuries of humans. Software systems whose malfunction has such serious consequences are also called safety-critical systems. In this talk, I will present a method to analyze models of such systems and detect sequences of events that can be considered causal for a malfunctioning behaviour. Of particular importance in this setting is the identification of actual causes, i.e., sequences of events that are indispensable for a system failure, and not just mere “noise” in the system execution.
More precisely, in this talk I will introduce a notion of causality for the violation of safety properties in Hennessy Milner logic (HML). Additionally, I will provide a corresponding encoding of causality in  terms of modal formulae with data, thus paving the way to the automatic identification of causalities using the mCRL2 model checker. Aspects regarding the definition of “well-behaved” notions of causality will also be addressed. 

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