ICE-TCS Theory Day

13th ICE-TCS Theory Day

  • 28.4.2017, 13:00 - 15:00


13th ICE-TCS Theory Day

13:00-15:00, 28 April 2017

Room M208, Reykjavik University

13:00-13:05 Welcome from Magnús Már Halldórsson
13:05-13:55 Dexter Kozen (Cornell University). 
13:55-14:15 Coffee break
14:15-15:00 Jason P. Smith (Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde). 

Attendance is free.

The abstracts of the talks are below.

CoCaml: Programming with Coinductive Types
Dexter Kozen, Cornell University
(Joint work with Jean-Baptiste Jeannin and Alexandra Silva)

I will present CoCaml, a functional programming language that allows the definition of
recursive functions on regular coinductive datatypes parameterized by an equation solver.
Such functions can halt and provide solutions even when the standard semantics of recursion would not.
I will provide numerous examples that illustrate the usefulness of the new programming constructs,
including operations on infinite lists, infinitary λ-terms and p-adic numbers.

The Permutation Pattern Poset
Jason P. Smith

Permutation patterns were first studied due to their relationship with sorting algorithms, and the field has grown rapidly in recent years. Using the notion of permutation patterns we can define a poset of all permutations. This poset has a very complicated structure and understanding this structure can help with the problem of enumerating avoidance of patterns. We give an introduction to posets and poset topology, and an overview of the current understanding of the permutation pattern poset.

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