Meistaravörn VFD - Eymar Andri Birgisson

MSc í vélaverkfræði

  • 11.9.2019, 16:00 - 17:00, Háskólinn í Reykjavík

  • Time: September 11th, 16:00
  • Room: M111
  • Student: Eymar Andri Birgisson
  • Thesis Title: Automation of Pot-Shell Maintenance Using Vision Guided Robots
  • Supervisor: Torfi Þórhallsson, Lektor, Reykjavik University
  • Examiner: Kristinn Andersen, Professor, University of Iceland


With the increasing autonomy in today's society, industrial robots are now capable of more flexible tasks, by sensing the environment using vision sensors, force sensors and performing actions from the perceived environment. The ability to add 3D visual control to industrial robots adds greatly to the task flexibility of many robotic systems. In this thesis, a concept system to automate pot-shell maintenance at Norðurál is developed.

The system consists of a computer vision software, able to visually control industrial manipulators to detect and localize cut-outs from pot-shells, estimate 6-DOF poses to install replacement plates and estimate paths to weld the plate to the pot-shell frame. As the pot-shell welding tasks are carried out in narrow and hard to reach spaces, several commercially available industrial manipulators are evaluated to determine if a customized solution is needed to complete the tasks. Furthermore, by using simulated sensors and pot-shell models, geometric variability and sensor uncertainty inherent in the maintenance tasks is modeled to evaluate the robustness of the proposed vision system. The accuracy of the proposed computer vision system is then evaluated by comparing computed poses of the cut-outs to ground truth poses from the simulation environment. Simulation results show that the proposed system is able to estimate poses with high accuracy, with no false positive detections.

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