Samspil huga, heila og líkama

  • 14.2.2019, 12:00 - 13:00, Háskólinn í Reykjavík

Fimmtudaginn 14. febrúar ætlar dr. John Arden að fjalla um nýútkomna bók sína, Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward Psychotherapy Integration, sem fjallar um samspil huga, heila og líkama. Arden er sálfræðingur og ráðgjafi og hefur skrifað fjölda bóka um taugasálfræði, kvíða, áfallastreitu, öldrun, og leiðir til að bæta heilaheilsu.

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„Through recent research in neuroscience and psychology, we now understand that the mind is not one thing, but is composed of ongoing interactions between mental operating networks. Our minds contribute to “self”-organization—the emergence of our sense of individuality and emotion as we co-evolve within families and other relationships. What we encounter and how we respond changes our brains, immune systems, and even turns on or off genes, resulting in mental health or ill health. Since mental health and physical health can no longer be compartmentalized as areas addressed by specialists, psychotherapists need to understand the mind-brain-body feedback loops. For example, chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders are strongly associated with depression and anxiety. Dysregulations of immune system, diet, and even gut bacteria profoundly affect mental health.“

John Arden, PhD, ABPP, has spoken in 25 countries and all US States. Dr. Arden is the author of 15 books in the areas of brain-based psychological therapies, anxiety, PTSD, aging process, dementia, and pathways to enhancing brain health. His new book is Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward the integration of psychotherapy. He recently retired from Kaiser Permanente where he served as the Northern California Regional Director of Training where he developed one of the largest mental health training programs in the United States. In this capacity he oversaw more than 150 interns and postdoctoral psychology residents in 24 medical centers. Dr. Arden's study of neuropsychology has inspired him to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy, synthesizing the biological and psychological into a new vision for psychotherapy: Brain-Based Therapy which he presents throughout the US and internationally.

  • Stofa: M104
  • Dagsetning: 14.2.2019
  • Tími: 12:00 - 13:00