CADIA Seminar

"Is my new tracker really better than yours?"

  • 22.2.2018, 12:10 - 13:00

Date and time: Thursday,  February 22nd 2018 from 12:10 till 13:00

Place: V102 at Reykjavik University

Title: "Is my new tracker really better than yours?"

Speaker: Luka Čehovin Zajc, University of Ljubljana


Objective evaluation and comparison of approaches and methods is one of the cornerstones of good science no matter the discipline. In this talk I will present our work on performance evaluation in computer vision which eventually lead to the international Visual Object Tracking initiative. The initiative annually organizes competitions and workshops to bring together researchers with the goal of establishing standardized evaluation protocols. We have learned that building a strong community requires addressing methodological, technical as well as social aspects. I will talk about these and provide an outlook into the future of the initiative and its effect on the research community.

Luka Čehovin Zajc received his Ph.D in 2015. He is working in the Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science. He is active in the computer vision research community, he developing new computer vision algorithms, as well as applying them to the fields of intelligent and mobile robotics and natural user interfaces. He is also involved in numerous university courses from the fields of computer vision, multimedia and robotics.

Host: David Thue for CADIA

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