Meistaravörn í tölvunarfræði: Hörður Már Hafsteinsson

Procedural City Generator for Further Research in the Field of Restorative Environmental Design

  • 4.6.2019, 14:00 - 15:00

Student: Hörður Már Hafsteinsson
Title: Procedural City Generator for Further Research in the Field of Restorative Environmental Design
Date and Location: Tuesday 4th of June, at 14:00 in Room M120
Supervisor: Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson, associate professor Department of Computer Science

Abstract: Cities of the world are becoming more and more densely built due to the increasing population growth. This development can have negative psychological and social effects on the people living in these dense cities, due to overcrowding and noise. Research has shown that careful design and planning of these dense urban cities can enable their potential for psychological restoration. This potential of psychological restoration in the environment can be achieved by specific architectural variations and styles on buildings in the urban city environment as well as with the placement of green areas and vegetation.

In this thesis work an application is presented that can be used to further research into restorative environmental design. The application achieves this by allowing users to generate large urban city environments where a number of factors can be controlled. These factors include architectural styles on buildings as well as their color and height, green areas and vegetation. These environments can then be experienced in virtual reality, through which various data can be gathered from users about the restorative potential of the different environments.

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