Msc Project Defence- Department of Computer Science-Bjarni Jens Kristinsson

Searching for combinatorial covers using linear programming

  • 16.12.2019, 13:00 - 14:00

Title: Searching for combinatorial covers using linear programming
Candidate: Bjarni Jens Kristinsson
Date and Time: December 16th 2019
Location: M120


We introduce the CombCov framework which is a generalization of the Struct algorithm introduced by Bean, Gudmundsson, and Ulfarsson in “Automatic discovery of structural rules of permutation classes”. We give a simple example of an application of the framework to avoidance sets of words and discuss in detail how to generate rules of lesser complexity and how a cover is verified up to a certain size using linear programming. We then apply the framework to various published results on permutations avoiding mesh patterns and try to find covers of similar problems with some success. We show that CombCov is a powerful tool in guiding humans by coming up with conjectures that would otherwise have required substantial effort to discover manually.

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