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Enhanced reliability methods for power systems applied to system operation based on uncertainty modelling and probabilistic risk assessment

  • 9.4.2015, 15:00 - 16:00

Samuel Perkin heldur "Research proposal" fyrirlestur fimmtudaginn, 9. apríl 2015 kl. 15:00 stofu M115.


The reliable supply of electricity is an expectation that most of modern society holds, and is required in order for most sectors of the economy to function. Yet modern electrical transmission systems are under stress given under-investment, aging infrastructure, opposition to development, grid connections to other countries, and uncontrollable renewable generators. Presently, transmission system operation assumes that any single major fault will not result in a blackout for any connected customer, which is called the N-1 criterion. However, operators believe that this criterion is no longer applicable, and results in sub-optimal grid operation. As a result, the GARPUR project was formed to identify probabilistic approaches to reliability management that are likely to be generally accepted into practice by operators.

This thesis aims to mathematically analyse the gap between probabilistic approaches already suggested in academic literature and the actual practices of modern TSOs. Simple, probabilistic approaches to reliability management will then be developed and tested by performing real-time simulations of the Icelandic transmission system, as part of the GARPUR project. It also aims to analyse smart grid projects at Landsnet from a reliability perspective, to highlight the shortcomings of modern reliability measures. This research is supported by Landsnet and the EU FP7 GARPUR project.


Thesis Committee:
Páll Jensson (Reykjavík University)
Hlynur Stefánsson (Reykjavík University)
Ragnar Kristjánsson (Reykjavík University)
Magni Þór Pálsson (Landsnet)
Louis Wehenkel (University of Liege)

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