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Explorations on Critical Design and Making in HCI

Experiences in using design fiction, design activism, and drama and theatre as part of the design process

  • 22.8.2022, 12:00 - 13:00

Netta Iivari from the University of Oulu gives a talk at Reykjavik University August 22 at 12:00 in room M209. 

This talk discusses critical design and Making within Human Computer Interaction research. Critical design and Making have received increasing interest within the research community during recent years, while there is a lot of variety within them. In this talk I will elaborate on this variety as well as offer insights on how we have carried out critical design and Making in practice. The experiences are derived from a research project in which we have addressed the problem of bullying in collaboration with children through critical design and Making. We have explored approaches such as design fiction, design activism and Theatre of the Oppressed in collaboration with children in the design process. Insights on the process and outcomes are provided.

Biography: Netta Iivari is a Professor in Information Systems and research unit leader of INTERACT research unit in University of Oulu. She has background in Cultural Anthropology as well as in Information Systems and Human Computer Interaction. Her long lasting research interest concerns understanding and strengthening people's participation in shaping and making their digital futures. Her research has addressed packaged and open-source software development contexts as well as empowering children through design and making. Her research is strongly influenced by interpretive and critical research traditions. She has a specific interest in the development and utilization of culture and discourse-oriented lenses as well as in the examination and support of transdisciplinary research and design. 

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