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Framgangsfyrirlestur - Professor Sigurður Freyr Hafstein

  • 18.9.2015, 14:00 - 15:00

The promotion to full professor is an important milestone in every academic's career. Inaugural lectures give the new professor the opportunity to present their research interests to their colleagues and the public.

Professor Sigurður Freyr Hafstein will present his inaugural lecture titled  "Dynamical Systems: Mathematics of time" Friday, September 18th at 2 pm in room M105. The lecture is in English and open to the public.


In mathematics Dynamical Systems is the field studying the time-evolution of systems in the broadest sense. Apart from being a rich and beautiful mathematical theory, the practical value of the theory of dynamical systems can hardly be overstated in the applied sciences. In this talk I will give an overview of the mathematical theory and describe some selected practical problems.  Specifically, I will discuss so-called Lyapunov functions, which characterize the decomposition of the state-space of a dynamical system into a transient and a chain-recurrent part (attractors, repellers).

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