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ICE-TCS seminar: Tarmo Uustalu (Reykjavik University and Tallin University of Technology

  • 9.10.2017, 12:15 - 13:00


When: Monday the 9th of October at 12:10
Where: M103
Speaker: Tarmo Uustalu (Reykjavik University and Tallinn University of Technology)

Title: Directed containers: shape, position and subshape fun.

Abstract: Containers and container morphisms are a "syntax" in terms of shapes and positions for payload for a wide class of payload-type-parameterized datatypes (e.g., lists, binary leaf- or node-labelled trees etc.) and all polymorphic functions between them. In a more fancy jargon, we say that they represent a certain class of set functors and all natural transformations.

Directed containers and directed container morphisms deal specifically with those datatypes for which a position in a datastructure determines a "sub"-datastructure. In this talk, I will explain them, their relationship to small categories and Aguiar's cofunctors and to set comonads and comonad morphisms.

I will focus on examples and especially highlight what some constructions on datatypes amount to in terms of constructions on small categories.

This is based on joint work with Danel Ahman.