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Joint ICE-TCS@Reykjavik University/GSSI virtual seminar

Performance Learning for Uncertainty of Software Systems

  • 4.6.2020, 13:30 - 14:30

Catia Trubiani (GSSI) will deliver a joint ICE-TCS@Reykjavik University/GSSI virtual seminar on Thursday, 4 June, at 15:00 GMT/17:30 Italian time.

The title and abstract of the talk are below. The talk will be held at


Schedule: June 4th, 13:30 GMT/15:30 Italian time

Title: Performance Learning for Uncertainty of Software Systems
Speaker: Catia Trubiani (Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy)

Abstract: Uncertainty is particularly critical in software performance
engineering when it relates to the values of parameters such as
workload, operational profile, and resource demand, because such
parameters inevitably affect the overall system performance. Prior work
focused on monitoring the performance characteristics of software
systems while considering the influence of different design
alternatives. The problem of incorporating uncertainty as a first-class
concept in the software development process to identify performance
issues is still challenging. This talk aims to discuss these limitations
by presenting two ways of handling uncertainty: (1) the specification of
a new class of performance models capturing how the different
uncertainties underlying a software system affect its performance
characteristics; (2) the application of a new method for estimating the
uncertainty propagation and supporting the prediction of performance
indices of interest. Such quantitative evaluation helps software
engineers to identify performance issues.

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