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Lecture: Inertial Measurement Unit in Gait Analysis Applications, Questions, Suggestions and Answers

  • 9.9.2015, 12:00 - 13:00

Wednesday, September 9th Room M110 12:00-13:00

Professor Dr. Harald Loose

Title: Inertial Measurement Unit in Gait Analysis Applications, Questions, Suggestions and Answers

Abstract: The lecture deals with inertial measurement units (IMU) related to requirements in gait analysis, e.g., in movement monitoring, rehabilitation feedback or sports improvement. An IMU sensor incorporates three microelectromechanical sensors - triple-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer – and, optionally, a barometer.  The outputs of all sensors are processed by an on-board microprocessor and sent over a serial interface using wired or wireless communication channels. The on-board processing may include sensor conditioning, compensations, strap-down integration as well as determination of orientation. The sensor output is sent to applications working on standard PC, tablets or smart phones using different sampling rates. The output data of one IMU sensor allow motion analysis of the sensor unit itself as well as the motion of the limb where the sensor is mounted to. Using a combination of two or more sensors the movement of limbs/legs can be compared; their relative motion can be investigated; angles can be calculated.

In general, in motion and gait analysis, we like to get primary information about the position of all interesting points, the orientation of the limbs and the joint angles at each moment of time as well as derived averaged and summarized characteristics about the motion and the gait. Maybe, e.g. in gait symmetry analysis, less information is sufficient to get satisfying results. Based on our own investigations the paper discusses how much information is needed to determine gait events and gait features for different purposes. 

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