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Meistaravörn: Karl Valdimar Kristinsson

  • 11.6.2015, 10:00 - 12:00

 Karl Valdimar Kristinsson
Where and when: Thursday June 11th 10am Room M105
Title - “Social Navigation in Unity 3D”
Supervisor: Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson

Abstract: Virtual environments such as those experienced in games are increasingly more common. Often these environments are populated by virtual characters that serve various purposes.  At the very least they bring the environment to life, giving the user a deeper experience. These characters spend a lot of time moving around, either to achieve some goals or to simply give the environment an authentic feel of an active crowd. To maintain the illusion of life, how a character navigates an environment, full of static and dynamic obstacles, needs to reflect human intelligence or at least meet people's expectations of human-like behavior. With many different navigation techniques available this project focused on finding a technique that produces socially believable behavior. A very promising approach, a velocity-based method, aims to have characters make small adjustments long in advance before colliding with obstacles. This method was implemented within the Unity 3D game engine and extended to support more dynamic testing and use. The method was furthermore integrated into CADIA's existing social simulation platform. Several social scenarios were used to stress test the implementation, resulting in a thorough review of strengths and weaknesses, compared to Unity's own default navigation system. The results demonstrate the superiority of the method in several important scenarios but also point out an important weakness that emerges in very dense crowds. 

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