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MSc thesis defence at Iceland School of Energy - Michael Stephen Doheny

Macro-Scale Multi Criteria Site Assessment for Wind Resource Development in Iceland

  • 7.12.2015, 13:00 - 15:00

Time: 07. December at 13:00
Room: M208  
Thesis title: Macro-Scale Multi Criteria Site Assessment for Wind Resource Development in Iceland
Student: Michael stephen Doheny
Supervisors: Páll Jensson, Margrét Arnardóttir and Samuel Perkin   
Examiner: Stefán Kári Sveinbjörnsson


The process of developing wind resources in a given region is subject to a variety of factors. A thorough understanding and adherence to such factors is paramount to the optimization of wind turbine site selection. This study identifies, analyzes and illustrates those factors which influence onshore wind resource development in Iceland by using geographic information systems (GIS) software. In addition, an optimal site for wind resource development is identified within the Snæfellsness region using the Pareto Frontier method and a cost-benefit analysis.

After consideration of developmental exclusion zones within the analysis, 56.3% of land area is highlighted as suitable for wind resource development within the Snæfellsness region. Among the 43 wind points examined, four points are recognized as most optimal using the Pareto Frontier method. Finally, a cost-benefit analysis is conducted to determine the most optimal site amongst those analyzed for development of an Enercon E44 turbine within the region. Calculations show an AEP yield of 3639.3 MWh´s in the most optimal site.


Further recommendations within this field include the development of more accurate macro-scale wind measurement models, and to develop overarching environmental impact assessment standards to encompass such factors into large-scale wind resource assessment processes. 


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