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Msc Thesis Defence-Department of Computer Science-James Robb

Temporal Isolation of Latency-Sensitive Tasks in Real-Time Nested Locking

  • 26.5.2020, 13:00 - 14:00

Title: Temporal Isolation of Latency-Sensitive Tasks in Real-Time Nested Locking

Candidate: James Robb
Date and Time: May 26th at 13:00

Abstract: Prior work has produced multiprocessor real-time locking protocols that ensure asymptotically optimal bounds on priority inversion, that support fine-grained nesting of critical sections, *or* that are independence-preserving under clustered scheduling. However, while several protocols manage to come with two out of these three desirable features, no protocol to date jointly accomplishes all three. Motivated by this gap in capabilities, this thesis introduces the Group Independence-Preserving Protocol (GIPP), the first protocol to guarantee a notion of independence preservation for fine-grained nested locking, support fine-grained nested locking, *and* ensure asymptotically optimal priority-inversion bounds. As a stepping stone, the thesis further presents the Clustered k-Exclusion Independence-Preserving Protocol (CKIP), the first asymptotically optimal non-nested independence-preserving k-exclusion lock for clustered scheduling. Both the GIPP and the CKIP rely on allocation inheritance (a.k.a. migratory priority inheritance) as a key mechanism for accomplishing independence preservation


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