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Orna Kupferman (Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel): From Correctness to High Quality

Joint ICE-TCS/GSSI seminar

  • 12.10.2020, 14:00 - 15:00


Schedule: 12 October 2020, 14:00 GMT/16:00 Italian time
Virtual link:
Speaker: Orna Kupferman (Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel) WWW:

Title: From Correctness to High Quality

Abstract: In the synthesis problem, we are given a specification and we automatically synthesize a reactive system that satisfies the specification in all environments. The talk surveys recent efforts to automatically synthesize reactive systems that are not only correct, but also of high quality. Indeed, designers would be willing to give up manual design only after being convinced that the automatic procedure that replaces it generates systems of comparable quality. Formalizing the quality of systems, we distinguish between behavioral quality, which refers to the way the specification is satisfied, and costs, which refer to resources that the system requires and consumes.

The talk is based on joint work with Shaull Almagor, Udi Boker, and Denis Kuperberg.

Bio sketch: Orna Kupferman is a Professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she also served as Vice Rector. She was elected as a member of Acedemia Europaea in 2016 and received the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Michael Milken Prize for long-standing Excellence in Teaching. Orna Kupferman is Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

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