ICE-TCS Lecture Series - Matteo Cimini - Rule Formats for Distributivity

  • 11.2.2011, 14:00 - 15:00

The next ICE-TCS  talk for 2011 will be delivered on Friday, 11 February, by Matteo Cimini (Reykjavik University). The talk, which is entitled Rule Formats for Distributivity, will be held at 14.00 in room M1.05 at Reykjavik University (Menntavegur 1).


In this talk, I will introduce rule formats for Structural Operational Semantics guaranteeing that certain binary operators are left distributive with respect to a set of binary operators. Examples of left-distributivity laws from the literature are shown to be instances of the provided formats. If time allows, I will also discuss some conditions ensuring the impossibility of the validity of the left-distributivity law.

The talk is based on joint work with Luca Aceto (RU), Anna Ingólfsdóttir (RU), MohammadReza Mousavi (CS and Maths@TU Eindhoven, NL) and Michel Reniers (Mechanical Engineering@TU Eindhoven, NL).