Pearls of Computation: Luca Aceto - Dexter Kozen: Complexity, logic and rock 'n' roll

  • 2.9.2016, 12:15 - 13:00


Date and time: Friday, 2 September 2016, from 12:15 till 13:00
Place: M104

Title: Dexter Kozen: Complexity, logic and rock 'n' roll

Luca Aceto (Reykjavik University)

Abstract: Dexter Kozen is a theoretical computer scientist, perhaps the  theoretical computer scientist, who has excelled across the entire spectrum of our field and crashed through the so-called Volume A/Volume B barrier. Even within these tracks he has exhibited remarkable diversity and depth, contributing seminal results to complexity theory, computer algebra, logic in computer science, probabilistic computation, automata theory, Kleene algebra, verification of networks and software-defined networks. He is also known for his influential textbooks. In this talk, I will introduce, in a very non-technical way, some of the highlights of Dexter's work, including his contributions to rock music and  his "academic renditions" of punk rock classics. 

This talk is a part of the Pearls of Computation Lecture Series given by the School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University, which profiles the life and work of outstanding computer scientists that have shaped their respective fields of study. See for further details on this public seminar series.

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