The staff scheduling instances are written using an xml file format based on the data format used by Tim Curtois. The contract rules are defined using the classification system introduced in

E. I. Ásgeirsson, J. Kyngäs, K. Nurmi and M. Stølevik (2011). A Framework for Implementation-Oriented Staff Scheduling. 5th Multidiciplinary International Scheduling Conference: Theory & Applications (MISTA).

Staff Scheduling Instances

Nursing Home: Problem Instance.

Call Center A: Problem Instance.

Call Center B: Problem Instance.

Airport Ground Service: Problem Instance.

Staff Scheduling Instances - solution examples

Call Center A using a Local Search Algorithm introduced in:

E. I. Asgeirsson, Bridging the gap between self schedules and feasible schedules in staff scheduling. PATAT 2010.

Problem Instance (xml).

Solution (Penalty value = 3616).

Problem Instance & Solution (zip file)

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