Panda3D Manual: Actors and Characters
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Panda3D supports both skeletal animation and morph animations. Panda's egg file format can contain an animatable model, a recorded sequence of animations, or both.

The python class Actor is designed to hold an animatable model and a set of animations. Since the Actor class inherits from the NodePath class, all NodePath functions are applicable to actors.

Note that Actor is actually a high-level interface to a set of lower-level classes. It is not recommended to use these lower-level classes directly, with one exception: the Model class is easy to use directly as long as you don't plan to animate the model. You can therefore eliminate a bit of overhead by using a Model instead of an Actor for your static objects.

This section assumes you have a valid egg file which has an animatable model, and some additional egg files containing animations. To learn how to convert a model into an egg file see the Model Export section.

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