This document describes the research strategy of the School of Science and Engineering of Reykjavík University (SSE). This strategy is a further clarification of the research strategy of the University as a whole. 


One of the main goals of the School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavík University is to foster active, high quality research in engineering and the associated sciences among its staff and students.  The School emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to research and cross-fertilization between disciplines, in particular between engineering and the sciences.

The School will encourage the consolidation of its research efforts through the formation of thematic research groups, envisioned as dynamic structures free to evolve with research opportunities and the needs of society.
The SSE was recently founded and is a rapidly growing research institution with young and dynamic research staff.  The school aims to continue growing by aggressively recruiting strong and dynamic researchers, both engineers and scientists. 


Academic freedom is a central value in the research activity of the SSE.   The driving force behind the research is curiosity and the joy of discovery and communication.  A dynamic research environment with a vigorous research education component and strong international ties is a prerequisite for quality in university education at all levels.


It is the objective of the SSE to strengthen its position in research and become the strongest engineering research centre in Iceland within five years.  Furthermore, SSE intends to acquire a comparable research strength and status to leading Nordic technical universities in those branches of engineering and science where SSE is most active,


  • To double the publication rate of SSE staff in ISI certified journals.
  • To increase external financing of research so that external and internal funding reaches parity.
  • To considerably increase foreign grants obtained by SSE staff to at least parity with Icelandic grants.
  • To graduate at least five PhD students in engineering and science per year.
  • To have an MSc program that graduates annually at least 50 students. 

Actions to meet goals

  • The School will encourage the establishment of formal research teams, laboratories and centers by allocating specific resources to them.
  • SSE will work towards establishing a graduate program offering both MSc and PhD in Engineering and Applied Science.
  • SSE will actively work towards strengthening research collaboration, both with Icelandic institutions and internationally.  The School will have available mobility funds and support for international grant applications to underpin external collaborations.
  • SSE will offer effective start-up funds to new recruited academic staff to help them establish their research at the school.
  • SSE will take concrete steps to build a stronger academic research culture through seminar series, invited lectures and active promotion of research excellence as the schools primary objective.

Research and management

SSE will establish rules in accordance with this policy, the research policy of Reykjavik University and the University´s rules about evaluation of research output, hiring procedures, promotion procedures, space and resource allocation, etc.   Decisions according to rules are the final responsibility of the Dean.  The Dean appoints a Research Council consisting of four academic staff members who advise the Dean on issues concerning science policy and its revision.

Approved by the SSE Research Council May 15th 2009

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