ICE-TCS Lectures Series - Luca Tesei - Space, geometry, motion and interactions in modeling biological systems

The next ICE-TCS  talk will be delivered on Friday, 20 August,  by Luca Tesei (University of Camerino, Italy). The talk, which is entitled Space, geometry, motion and interactions in modeling biological systems, will be held at 14:00 in room M1.05 at the new premises of Reykjavik University in Nauthólsvík. The abstract for the talk is appended.

Luca Tesei, together with Leonardo Vito, will be visiting ICE-TCS at Reykjavik University in the period August 17-22.


We present a modeling and simulation environment for biological systems at different scales. The basic assumption is that
the system is modeled using autonomous entities that have a physical shape, move in a geometrical 3D space and can interact in different
ways. The modeled biological phenomenon will be observed and analyzed as the emerging behavior of the entities' behaviors in the in-silico experiment (simulation) that is set up. Parallel to the simulation-based approach we also present a formal calculus, the Shape
Calculus, that can be used in a complementary verification-based (model-checking) approach for gaining quantitative interesting
biological information. We show a case study concerning the bone remodeling phenomenon at the cellular/tissue scale.