ICE-TCS seminar: Leifur Þór Leifsson (RU)

  • 19.10.2012, 14:00 - 15:00

ICE-TCS-logo-vertical-basic-100pxSpeaker: Leifur Þór Leifsson (RU, SSE)

When: Friday, October 19th, 2pm

Where: V109, Reykjavík University, Menntavegur 1


Aerodynamic shape optimization by physics-based surrogates

Aerodynamic shape optimization is of primary importance in the design of engineering systems and devices such as aircraft, turbomachinery, ships and propellers, and automotives. In this presentation, a computationally efficient optimization methodology for aerodynamic design using high-fidelity computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models is described. Direct optimization of an expensive high-fidelity CFD model is replaced by an iterative updating and re-optimization of a cheap surrogate model. Physics-based surrogates are constructed using low-fidelity models and suitable corrections. The low-fidelity models need to be significantly faster than the high-fidelity one and can, for example, be based on simpler physics or a lower resolution. The correction is needed so the surrogate becomes reliable and accurate. Several types of low-fidelity models and correction techniques will be discussed, and the method is applied to the design of airfoils and wings