Pearls of Computation Seminar Series: Talk by Luca Aceto

  • 1.2.2013, 14:00 - 15:00

Luca AcetoSERIES: Pearls of Computation (see below for information on this new seminar series)
WHEN: Friday, February 1st, 2pm
WHERE: M101 (note different location), Reykjavik University, Menntavegur 1
SPEAKER: Luca Aceto (School of Computer Science, RU)
TITLE:The work of Robin Milner: Proof, language and interaction


Robin Milner (1934-2010) has been one of the most influential computer scientists and received the Turing Award in 1991. His work is, however, perhaps not as well known as it should be amongst many computer-science researchers and students. The Turing Award citation states that Milner received that ultimate accolade for a computer scientist for "three distinct and complete achievements:

  1. LCF, the mechanization of Scott's Logic of Computable Functions, probably the first theoretically based yet practical tool for machine assisted proof construction;
  2. ML, the first language to include polymorphic type inference together with a type-safe exception-handling mechanism;
  3. CCS, a general theory of concurrency.

In addition, he formulated and strongly advanced full abstraction, the study of the relationship between operational and denotational semantics"
In this talk, I will try to explain the basic ideas underlying those achievements, the impact that they have had on computer science, and Milner's research philosophy and career. The talk will be accessible to a general audience.

Introduction to the new Pearls of Computation seminar series

From January 2013, ICE-TCS<> organizes the Pearls of Computation seminar series. To begin with, the talks in this series will mostly focus on the work of some of the recipients of the ACM Turing Award<> (or of some other major award related to computer science) in an accessible way. Attendance is free and is open to everyone.

The full schedule of the talks planned for the spring semester 2013 is available at,
where up-to-date information on the seminars in the series may be found.

The Pearls of Computation talks at Reykjavik University<> are organized in collaboration with the School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University<>, CADIA<>, "CRESS: Center on Research in Engineering Software Systems", the Icelandic Mathematical Society<>, IIIM<> and the Mathematics Group at Reykjavik University<>.