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Tölvunarfræðideild: ICE-TCS seminar Marijke Bodlaender, Wireless Networking - Beyond Basic SINR

  • 6.9.2013, 14:00 - 15:00

ICE-TCS-logo-200pxDate: Friday, September 6th, 2pm
Location: M1.08, Reykjavík University, Menntavegur 1
Speaker: Marijke Bodlaender (Reykjavik University)
Title: Wireless Networking - Beyond Basic SINR

Among algorithmic models of wireless ad-hoc networking, the SINR model is considered most faithful to reality, capturing both the additivity of interference and the smooth decay in signal strength. Fundamental problems, like Capacity (maximum independent set of links) and Connectivity (or aggregation scheduling), now have efficient near-optimal solutions. Still, the model can still be criticized for being too exact, with the signal decaying as a fixed polynomial of the distance, and failing to capture the variability frequently seen in actual wireless networks.

In this talk we will discuss a proposed extension of the basic geometric SINR model, in which signal strength (and interference) can decay in an arbitrary path-specific way. This properly includes all of the major deterministic path loss models in communication theory. This induces an inframetric, where the decay function satisfies relaxed triangular inequality with coefficient $\phi$. We show how some previous results carry over modulo a polynomial factor in $\phi$.