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Meistaravörn í tölvunarfræði: Sigríður Lína Viðarsdóttir

  • 14.5.2014, 9:00 - 11:00

MSc student: Sigríður Lína Viðarsdóttir
Title: Isomorphisms between consecutive pattern classes
Supervisor: Henning Arnór Úlfarsson
Committee: Anders Claesson, Senior Lecturer at Strathclyde University, Mike Atkinson, Professor Emiritus, University of Otago,
When and where: 14th of May, 09:00 in room M104

We consider isomorphisms between consecutive pattern classes. This was done for classical patterns classes by Albert et al. in 2013. Smith showed in 2006 that there are no non-trivial auto- morphisms of the full poset of classical pattern containment. We show that the same holds for the full poset of consecutive pattern containment. We also show that we can find consecutive pattern classes with growth rates approaching 1 with a continuum of automorphisms.​