Starfsnám við H-O-T (Härte- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co)

Tölvunarfræðideild Háskólans í Reykjavík hefur skrifað undir samning við þýska fyrirtækið Härte- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co sem staðsett er í Nürnberg. Eyðublað til að sækja um stöðurnar má finna hér fyrir neðan en umsóknarfrestur fyrir haustönn 2023 er til 24.maí 2023.

Project target

The 6 month internship at H-O-T will have the participants continuing the work done by other interns over the last 5 years, developing and implementing the new ERP- software for the company HEAT&COAT.

Every individual will get his own project expected to be the target for these 6 months. You will work towards this goal in tandem with other team members with technologies such as:

- Firebird as relational database system

- Node.js with Express.js as Backendserver

- Angular Framework for the frontend

- GitHub as VCS

The backend as same as the frontend are fully written in TypeScript a superset of JavaScript. HTML and CSS are used in the frontend as well.

You will be part of a 5 person team. You will also be taking part in collaborative code review and sometimes getting feedback directly from end users. There is a Once during and again at the end of term, the interns will be asked to present their progress for the project owners.

Project 1: Reporting / Controlling

- Generating charts and reports dynamically based on input by the user

- Exporting these reports as csv, pdf etc.

Project 2: Implementing a connection service to communicate with production machines:

- Creation of a service that communicates with our production machines and our project.

- Ability to start, end and document batches of our production systems and integrate the real machine data into our project database.

- Integration of our self-built production machines data with this service.

- Creation of an API-service to communicate with the external process control system ECS2000 and others.

Project 3: Special Offers

- Complete redesign from scratch of a special offer system allowing our sales department to provide an offer

Project 3: „Free“ customer part

- A customer part is a special always identical part brought to us by the customer

- The current process of informing HEAT&COAT about such a new part is not 100% applicable in reality

- A flexible way of creating these parts, setting special prices and dynamic actions should be implemented

About H-O-T

H-O-T (Harte- und Oberflachentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Nurnberg) is a service company offering heat-treatment and coatings based on high-tech expertise. We improve and optimize precision machine tools and high-grade components.

We have long-time experience in different fields of technology:

- more than 40 years in heat treatment of unprocessed steels

- more than 25 years in vacuum treatment techniques

- more than 20 years in plasma nitriding techniques

- more than 17 years in PVD and PACD coatings.

Our clients appreciate our experience and know-how. By our expertise and in collaboration with our customers as well as with the support of well-known scientific institutions, steel producers, and plant manufacturers, we take pride in maintaining our machines and processes according to the state of the art.

Over 500 employees from 20 different nations- including highly qualified engineers and technicians work in our 13 locations and contribute to the ongoing story of success. We process more than 20,000 different items weighing from 1 g up to 2.5 t. We ensure always high service quality and on-time delivery.

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