Meistaravörn við verkfræðideild: Elma Dögg Steingrímsdóttir

MSc í verkfræði

  • 27.5.2022, 11:00 - 12:00, Háskólinn í Reykjavík

Föstudaginn 27.maí kl. 11:00 mun Elma Dögg Steingrímsdóttir verja 30 ECTS verkefni sitt til meistaragráðu í verkfræði „Case Study: Sustainability at a wellness retreat center in El Tanque, Tenerife”. Fyrirlesturinn fer fram í M208 og í streymi á Zoom. Allir eru velkomnir.

Nemandi: Elma Dögg Steingrímsdóttir
Leiðbeinandi: David Christian Finger
Prófdómari: Þórhildur Fjóla Kristjánsdóttir

With an increased awareness of the environmental effects of tourism and the importance of sustainability comes the responsibility of participants in the tourist industry to do better. In this study, options to increase the sustainable use of resources at a new retreat center to be opened in El Tanque, Tenerife, are explored. One of the most influential ways to reach this was seen to be to carefully choose the appliances used for both electricity and water. With efficient appliances the estimated electricity and water use, for full capacity of 19 persons, was found to be 28,08 kWh/day and 95,47 l/day/person. Different water treatment systems were examined, both for the purpose of reutilizing wastewater and for a proper discharge of the water. The results indicated that for these kinds of systems to be environmentally feasible and minimize the carbon footprint, careful consideration has to be given to their design and combination. It was, for instance, not found practical to install a gray water treatment system at the retreat center, for the reuse of gray water, as the increase in carbon footprint would weigh more than the water savings. An artificial wetland was chosen to replace the onsite cesspit, treating both the gray and blackwater for use in the garden. The changes and additions suggested to be made to the electricity and water systems at the retreat center are seen to help turn toward more sustainable use of resources and discharge of wastewater. However, it is suggested to further study the more extended, positive influence that could be sought out with communal systems, such as energy communities, instead of the individual domestic systems.

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