Rebooting our food systems

Our food systems are broken, and if we don't fix them, us humans will be in trouble too. Very soon.

  • 14.2.2023, 12:00 - 13:00

Thin Lei Win, an award-winning multimedia journalist, will be giving a lecture at Reykjavik University February 14th in room M103 at 12p.m. 

Our food systems are broken, and if we don't fix them, us humans will be in trouble too. Very soon.

The way we currently produce, process, transport, consume and discard food is not sustainable. It is environmentally destructive, inequitable and frankly, what we eat is killing us. Food systems account for nearly a third of total man-made emissions. Agriculture is a leading cause of biodiversity loss. A handful of major corporations control major parts of the food chain while food producers and employees in the sector struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, more than 3 billion people - that's more than one in three - cannot afford health diets and up to one in 10 go to bed hungry. The good news is, there are ways to transform our food systems to become greener, fairer and healthier. The bad news? We all need to pitch in. 

Thin Lei Win is an award-winning multimedia journalist specializing in food and climate issues for various international news media, including through her own newsletter Thin Ink and Lighthouse Reports, a non-profit European investigative news outlet. Her extensive global experience includes nearly 13 years working as an international correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Thomson Reuters media company. She is also a sought-after moderator on food, agriculture and climate change. Born and raised in Myanmar, Thin has lived and worked in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and currently, Italy, and has reported from many parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. Thin is also the founder of Myanmar Now, an award-winning bilingual news agency set up in 2015 and is a co-founder of The Kite Tales, a unique preservation project that chronicles the lives and histories of ordinary people across Myanmar.

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